And with more than 20 smoking-hot music remixes, TurboFire will pick you up and push you past your limits. eBay. The Turbo Fire program also comes … I do have a dance background so maybe that's why it wasn't hard for me and I already knew a lot of the signature moves from doing Turbo Jam. TURBO FIRE ~ Replacement DVD ~ CHOOSE from 15 … And with more than 20 smoking-hot music remixes, TurboFire will pick you up and push you past your limits. My arms are now super toned, as is the rest of my body. With 12 workout classes to get you fit, the music is great and it’s very exciting when the fire … Fire 55 is 55 minutes of fun, exciting workout moves set to music in the comfort of your home. $9.99. Every workout is a challenge, Chalene keeps you motivated and pushing forward and the music and moves are great. Turbo Fire, which debuted in 2010, follows on the heels of her earlier DVD series, Turbo Jam. Because Chaleen hops right into each routine without stopping to explain, on some of the harder programs, there is an extra feature on the DVD … It was so much fun and I quickly got into other BeachBody programs as well. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 7, 2017, Being a fan of high intense workout especially cardio and aerobics based I loved this the music is very energising (you will sing along) the instructor has loads of smiles and energy which helps aswell as her team, the package comes with eating plan aswell as calendar which I like not so much for the eating plan as it's heavily focused around meat and eggs which I don't eat and don't wish to eat so often but the calendar is great the plan is realistic and keeps you focused to achieving the results, as I use this alongside insanity and pt247 etc I did not complete this on its own but I would still recommend it's definetly a good home workout investment especially if you do not feel so comfortable to workout outdoors or in a gym, you can build confidence at home with this and you will also feel your inprovement overtime. Turbo Fire Greatest HIITs is a one-DVD upgrade kit intended to supplement the original Turbo Fire package. The measure tape and resistance bands are a bonus too, would recommend :) p, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 4, 2016.