Apr [491] On 20 April, Ardern announced that New Zealand would move to Alert Level 3 at 11:59 pm on 27 April, with businesses and schools being allowed to have employees enter the premises during the last week of Alert Level 4 to prepare the facility for the transition to Alert Level 3. In response, Prime Minister Ardern asked Health Minister David Clark to review 24 cases where health authorities blocked requests by individuals to see their dying relatives on health grounds. Do not travel if you are waiting for test results, test positive, or are sick. The family had arrived from Brisbane in Australia on 21 July in order to attend a relative's funeral in Auckland. [431], On 5 September, several anti-lockdown protests were held throughout the country including Auckland, Whangārei, Wellington, New Plymouth, Tauranga, Rotorua, Nelson and Christchurch. [489][86], At the time of Ardern's announcement, New Zealand was at Alert Level 2. [87], On 23 March, Ardern raised the Alert Level to 3 and announced the closure of all schools, beginning that day. [391] By 26 March, at least three groups of tourists had been stopped from entering the Far North. [473], On 9 August, a Horizon Research poll found that trust in the Ministry of Health and Government's ability to manage the COVID-19 pandemic was 82%, down from 91% in April 2020. [326], On 20 May, building company Fletcher Building announced that they would be laying off at least 1,000 jobs in New Zealand and 500 jobs in Australia, amounting to ten percent of their workforce. ", "Coronavirus: Tiwai Point aluminium smelter exempted from lockdown", "Coronavirus: Jacinda Ardern unleashes on 20-somethings not taking virus seriously", "Auckland beachgoers caught on video, scolded for disobeying coronavirus lockdown", "Covid 19 coronavirus: Group spotted jumping off Albert Town Bridge, into river during lockdown", "Auckland kava drinking groups continue to meet despite lockdown", "Kaitaia area under police scrutiny as some locals flouting lockdown law", "Health Minister drives to local park to ride his mountain bike, amid coronavirus lockdown", "Coronavirus Covid 19: David Clark apologises to PM for flouting his own Government's lockdown advice", "Clark's biking calamity a sign of wider confusion", "David Clark offers to resign after revealing he took a trip to beach during Covid-19 lockdown", "Coronavirus: Jacinda Ardern reveals people will be arrested for deliberately coughing on others", "Man films himself coughing on shoppers in supermarket", "Supermarket cougher previously jailed for ill-considered prank", "Christchurch man filmed coughing in supermarket apologises for 'foolish act, "People arrested, set to appear in court as lockdown rules ignored", "Covid 19 coronavirus: Police record nearly 300 lockdown breaches, Health Minister David Clark not included", "NZers breaching lockdown 'more likely to be flouting the rules' – police", "Covid 19 coronavirus: Month's jail for breaching rules despite four warnings", "Covid 19 coronavirus: Woman charged over spitting at Auckland Transport staff on train", "Covid 19 coronavirus: 1200 public reports of people breaching the alert level 3 restrictions", "Coronavirus: Hundreds of level 3 parties busted by police", "Coronavirus: 250 mass gatherings reported in New Zealand since alert level 2 shift", "Coronavirus: Woman who escaped managed isolation in Auckland charged for breach", "Woman scaled two fences to escape managed isolation; Govt says no failure of process", "Covid 19 coronavirus: Retracing infected man's missing 70 minutes", "Man arrested after cutting through fence to escape Hamilton isolation facility", "Man who allegedly escaped quarantine from Queenstown", "Covid 19 coronavirus: Hamilton isolation absconder admits alcohol run, sentenced to community work", "Person broke window, scaled fence in another escape from managed isolation", "Returnee 'in their late 60s' broke window, climbed fence to escape managed isolation – fourth to do so in a week", "Megan Woods and Darryn Webb on Hamilton Covid isolation escapees", "Covid 19 coronavirus: Woman given 14-day jail sentence for escaping isolation facility", "Booze run vs father's funeral: questions of systemic racism over quarantine escapees' contrasting sentences", "Covid-19 coronavirus: Brief escape from Auckland managed isolation hotel", "Woman charged allegedly escaping from the Grand Millennium Hotel", "Covid 19 coronavirus: West Indies cricket team flout quarantine rules; one new case", "National MP Hamish Walker admits passing on leaked Covid-19 patient info from former party president Michelle Boag", "Former National Party president Michelle Boag admits passing COVID-19 patient details to MP Hamish Walker", "Covid-19 privacy leak: MP Hamish Walker announces he won't stand for re-election", "Michelle Boag leaves National Party after leaking patient info to Michael Woodhouse", "Coronavirus: Managed isolation security guard leaks list of people staying at Auckland facility on Snapchat", "Covid 19 Coronavirus: Man behind the vicious managed isolation breach rumour speaks", "German yachties had 'blatant disregard' for New Zealand law - Immigration NZ", "German yachties jailed until flight on Thursday after being refused entry into NZ", "Covid 19 coronavirus: German crew who entered NZ unlawfully have flown home", Siouxsie Wiles & Toby Morris: Why those bubbles are so important, "Coronavirus testing: Five questions answered", "Coronavirus: Auckland mum's request to be tested for virus rejected", "Case definition of COVID-19 infection – 3 April 2020", "PM to doctors: test more people for Covid-19", "Coronavirus: Senior quarantine whistleblower says staff were refused regular testing programme despite pleas", "Random testing to give insight into Covid-19 spread", "Coronavirus: Wider Covid-19 testing starts in Christchurch, Waikato", "New Zealand plans to ease coronavirus lockdown in a week", "Chatham Islands: hoping for early release from lockdown", "Weekly deaths declined in NZ's lockdown – but we still don't know exactly why – Public Health Expert, University of Otago", "Coronavirus: Auckland cluster largest in NZ, PM warns of Covid's 'long tail, "Five new Covid-19 cases in NZ today, Auckland August cluster closed", "Coronavirus: Marist College cluster officially 'closed', health authorities say", "Covid 19 coronavirus: Marist College cluster officially closed by Ministry of Health", Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) situation reports, Successful Elimination of Covid-19 Transmission in New Zealand, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=COVID-19_pandemic_in_New_Zealand&oldid=995393667, Pages where template include size is exceeded, Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pages, Use New Zealand English from February 2020, All Wikipedia articles written in New Zealand English, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing potentially dated statements from December 2020, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2015, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2020, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from April 2020, Articles containing potentially dated statements from September 2020, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from May 2020, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, Articles containing potentially dated statements from November 2020, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from September 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [191] That same day, Immigration Minister Kris Faafoi extended the visas of visitors due to expire before the end of October by five months. Every restaurant, café and bar must close all aspects of their operation. Schools and workplaces are open, and must operate safely. • The measures may be updated based on new scientific knowledge about COVID-19, information about the effectiveness of control measures in New Zealand and overseas, or the application of Alert Levels at different times (e.g. [257] That same day, it was reported that a man who had returned from the United Kingdom had been trapped in limbo at Grand Mercure Hotel in Auckland after health authorities lost his COVID-19 test. [532] The mother and her daughter's harsher sentence in comparison to a 52-year-old man in Hamilton who was sentenced to no jail time raised questions about alleged "systematic racism" in the New Zealand justice system against Māori. The COVID-19 pandemic in New Zealand is part of the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). [525], On 10 July, a man was arrested for violating the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 after he cut through a fence at a managed isolation facility at Distinction Hotel in Hamilton and visited a liquor store the previous night. [28] The number of cases continued to rise significantly through March 2020, reaching a total of 647 (600 confirmed and 47 probable) and 74 recoveries by 31 March. Auckland Transport has reported of incidents of stopping people trying to travel from outlying suburbs like Henderson and Takanini to shop in the city centre and groups of young people travelling on trains for non-essential reasons. [540], On 18 August 2020, managed isolation and quarantine deputy chief executive Megan Main confirmed that a First Security guard had leaked information about the names, room numbers, and travel itineraries of returnees staying in managed isolation at Auckland's Sheraton Four Points managed isolation facility on Snapchat. The Alert Level was moved back down to Level 3 on 27 April, partially lifting some lockdown restrictions, and down to Level 2 on 13 May, lifting the rest of the lockdown restrictions while maintaining physical distancing and gathering size limits. 28 days) from the date when all cases complete isolation.[565]. New clusters may emerge but can be controlled through testing and contact tracing. [280], On 21 December, Immigration Minister Kris Faafoi announced a six-month extension for employer-assisted work and working holiday visa holders along with their partners and children in order to address the country's labour shortage. [427], On 13 August 2020, 60 protesters from two groups, FACTS NZ and the Kotahitanga Movement Aotearoa, held a protest march against the Government's COVID-19 lockdown in Whangārei. As of 27 September 2020[update], the ethnic group with the highest rate of testing is Pacific, with 27.5% of that population being tested, followed by Māori with 15.9%, European/MELAA/Other with 13.9%, and finally Asian with 12.1%,[i] out of 746,478 people in total,[557] or 14.9% of the New Zealand population of 4,996,000. [91][92] Prior to its closure, Parliament passed three bills with cross-party support including: That same day, the Finance Minister announced that the Government was negotiating with banks to ensure that nobody would lose their homes as a result of defaulting on mortgage payments during the pandemic. [459][460], On 12 October 2020, the Education Minister Chris Hipkins announced that the Government would be introducing a new border exemption allowing 250 international PhD and postgraduate students to enter New Zealand. supermarket home delivery, food parcels from charitable organisations, subscription food boxes, or any other whole-food delivery service). [522], On 5 July, it was reported that a woman who had escaped managed isolation at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland had been apprehended and charged with breaching the 14-day isolation period under the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020. If you are unable to do this, you may not be allowed to board the plane. The remaining six passengers returned to New Zealand via an evacuation flight being organised by the Australian government. An Auckland festival celebrating Pacific culture was also cancelled. This is in contrast to total response ethnicity, where a person with multiple ethnicities is reported under all ethnic groups they identify with. [194], On 21 September, Prime Minister Ardern announced that Auckland would move into Alert Level 2 on 23 September at 11:59pm while the rest of New Zealand would move into Alert Level 1 on 21 September at 11:59pm. Travellers affected by the new ruling include New Zealanders who have left the country after the rules came into effect, those who intend to stay in New Zealand for less than 90 days, and most temporary visa holders with the exception of family members of citizens who were not liable, diplomats, or those here for the Christchurch mosque trial. [388] This was the first time in the biennial event's history that it had been cancelled. This package also allows the company to reopen 13 of its branches in Queenstown, Auckland, and Taupo. The levels are based on how complex the learning is, with a level 1 certificate the least complex. These cases were from people. [48] By 31 October, there were a total of 75 cases in New Zealand, bringing the total number of cases to 1,957 (1,601 confirmed and 356 probable). This table gives you details of what a student is expected to know, do and be after graduating at a particular level. [275], On 10 July, the Government announced that overseas-based victims of the Christchurch mosque shootings would be granted special border passes and financial help in order to travel to New Zealand for the duration of the gunman's sentencing, which begins on 24 August. [8][9], On 2 October, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that Australia had formalised a deal allowing New Zealanders "one-way quarantine-free travel" into New South Wales and the Northern Territory from 16 October as part of steps to establish a trans-Tasman "travel bubble" between the two countries. Any entity that provides maintenance and repair services for utilities and communications, including supply chains, Any entity supplying services to an essential workplace that are required for the safe operation of that workplace (e.g. [62] In addition, a Government–chartered Air New Zealand flight evacuated 193 passengers (including 55 New Zealanders and 44 permanent residents) from Wuhan in early February. The man later apologised for his actions. [292], On 17 September 2020, New Zealand economy officially entered into a recession, with the country's gross domestic product contracting by 12.2% in the June quarter due to the COVID-19 pandemic. [250], On 15 April, a Government-chartered LATAM Airlines flight carrying New Zealanders who were stranded in Peru arrived back in Auckland. [303] In late October 2020, Horticulture NZ and the New Zealand Apples and Pears Inc launched a jobs service called Pick Tiki to recruit urban young people into fruit-picking jobs in Hawke's Bay, Nelson, and Central Otago. [5][6][7] On 23 September at 11:59 pm, Auckland moved down to Alert Level 2, after the rest of New Zealand moved to Alert Level 1 on 21 September at 11:59pm. [202], On 26 November, the Government announced in its Speech from the Throne that the COVID-19 vaccine would be free as part of its goal of keeping New Zealanders safe from COVID-19. [470], An Utting Research poll conducted on 1–2 March found that 47% of respondents were satisfied with the government's overall response to the COVID-19 outbreak, with 34% unsatisfied and 19% unsure. [515][516] On 8 April, the Police Commissioner Andrew Coster updated the figures to 367 breaches including 45 prosecutions, 309 warnings, and 13 youth referrals. Cruise ships will be prohibited from docking in New Zealand until 30 June. [363][364] In response, First Union coordinator for The Warehouse Kate Davis criticised The Warehouse Group for not consulting with its workers, a charge that the company has denied. Police have visited beachgoers, warning them to comply with the lockdown, while health authorities have warned about the risk of spreading the coronavirus and prolonging the lockdown. To improve travel between New Zealand and Europe, the Government has also approved a second daily flight between Doha to Auckland by Qatar Airways. [259] By 28, July at least 30 deportees had arrived from Australia on two chartered flights in July. [450], On 21 March, Auckland University of Technology announced that it would be suspending teaching in response to a petition from students. Six new cases were reported on 11 December, all in managed isolation, but two previously confirmed cases were reclassified as "under investigation" as suspected historical cases. In addition to this there are 2 types of exam that they can take. [122][123] Ardern also announced that schools and early childhood centres can prepare to reopen on 29 April with 28 April being designated as a teachers' only day. [133], On 20 May, the Health Ministry launched a contact tracing app called NZ COVID Tracer, which is available on App Store and Google Play. Household transmission could be occurring, and there are single or isolated cluster outbreaks. Oct There are four levels, with 1 being the least risk of infection and 4 the highest. [183] That same day, Ardern announced the deployment of 500 soldiers to replace private security guards at quarantine facilities and border areas. [67][68][69], On 16 March, Ardern called for a halt to public gatherings of more than 500 people and warned that the outbreak could lead to a recession greater than the 2008 global financial crisis. Unlike the previous travel restrictions, this ban also includes Pacific Islanders. Last 15 days, On 28 February 2020, New Zealand confirmed its first case, a woman in her 60s who had recently visited Iran and returned to Auckland on 26 February. [228], On 27 August, Auckland councillor Efeso Collins called for the Government to grant an amnesty to people who had overstayed their visas in order to encourage members of the Pasifika community to come forward for COVID-19 tests. The rest of the country would move up to Alert Level 2 for the same period. According to Sullivan, 40% of the company's revenue came from the international refit business. [449][448] The University of Otago in Dunedin has also shifted classes with more than 100 students online while students at the University of Canterbury have petitioned for all classes to be moved online. [133], On 26 August, Auckland's Secondary Principals' Association announced that secondary schools were planning catch-up classes and holiday lessons for students whose education had been affected by the city's lockdown. [445], On 9 November, Otorohanga College closed down its hostel after health authorities confirmed that a traveler from Wellington who had tested positive for COVID-19 had visited the facility while traveling through Otorohanga and Kawhia in the Waikato region. [423][424] Police Minister Stuart Nash also indicated that New Zealand Police are not seeking to prosecute protesters while expressing disappointment that social distancing rules had been flouted. [392] Having set up illegal road blocks to stop people from bringing the virus into the Far North, Hone Harawira broke Level 4 Lockdown restrictions to make a 600 km round trip to Auckland, then a virus hot spot, on 12 April. Other passengers who had been scattered in Brazil and Chile were able to board when the flight transited through Santiago. Wushka’s carefully levelled digital readers align with all common reading levelling systems. The company is projected to lose $3 million in meat. New Zealand - Level 1270 - Letters: FLAGGED. • The alert levels may be applied at a town, city, territorial local authority, regional or national level. He also said that he and his fellow organisers had urged participants to take health precautions including wearing gloves, masks, social distancing and staying at home if sick. Businesses affected include Waitakaruru Honey Limited. [399] In response, infectious diseases expert Dr Siouxsie Wiles criticised Bishop Tamaki for undermining efforts to keep New Zealanders safe. These measures include offering free testing, mobile testing centers and clinicians who could translate. [505] In Kaitaia, there have been reports of locals taking matters into their own hands by establishing checkpoints to enforce the lockdown. [248][249] On 12 April, the mercy flight carrying 16 New Zealanders landed in Melbourne. Jul Level 7 programs are highly skilled and specialised as it is equivalent to first-year entry of Master Degree or 3-years Bachelor’s Degree. The Health Minister Chris Hipkins has reassured the Pasifika community that the Government would not use any information collected during testing for immigration purposes. Critical support services to ensure businesses and workers can continue working from home are considered to be essential. [222][223][224][225], On 24 March, the Auckland Council announced they were closing their campgrounds and Environment Canterbury announced that they would also close New Zealand Motor Caravan Association camping grounds within 48 hours. ", "Coronavirus: Air NZ halts share trading, slashes long-haul flights", "Air New Zealand cuts long-haul capacity by 85 per cent, 'dropping 30% of staff, "Redundancies loom for Air New Zealand as it cuts capacity by 85 percent", "Coronavirus: Air New Zealand will get up to $900m loan from Government", "Air New Zealand to keep flying with Government's almost $1 billion rescue package", "Coronavirus: All Qantas and Jetstar international flights suspended from late March", "Covid-19 coronavirus: Air New Zealand drops international flights to just 11 routes", "Union 'hugely disappointed' Virgin Australia axing New Zealand bases", "Coronavirus: Air New Zealand proposes to make 387 pilots redundant, union says", "Air New Zealand announces 3500 job losses due to Covid-19 pandemic", "Covid 19 coronavirus: Air NZ – more than 1300 staff to lose jobs: union", "Coronavirus: Singapore Airlines to resume New Zealand services", "Covid 19 coronavirus: Singapore Airlines crew 'kept like prisoners' during NZ layover", "Air New Zealand to resume Auckland-Shanghai service on June 22", "Covid 19 coronavirus: Hysterical scenes as passengers in Auckland taken off plane to quarantine", "Covid-19 coronavirus: Auckland International Airport to be split into two zones", "Covid-19 travel restrictions: Masks on flights as measures take effect", "Covid 19 coronavirus: Jetstar pauses all domestic flights until August 26", "Jetstar to resume domestic flights after four-week suspension", "Coronavirus: Burger King NZ owners in receivership, hopes of sale", "Coronavirus: Sky City announces more job losses to come", "SkyCity plans 700 job cuts due to Covid-19 downturn", "Steel and Tube to make up to 200 staff redundant", "About 1000 NZ jobs to vanish as Fletcher Building announces massive redundancy plan", "Coronavirus: Fletcher Building job cuts paint grim picture of economy, analyst says", "Fletcher Building expects $196m net loss because of Covid-19", "Coronavirus in NZ: James Cameron's Avatar filming delayed indefinitely", "Production of Avatar sequels delayed; visual effects work continues at Weta Digital", "Nine ASB branches to close, 25 others to have opening hours slashed", "ASB Bank closing nine branches in New Zealand's main centres", "Covid 19 coronavirus: Funeral directors warn rise of violence due to people being unable to grieve", "Vessels barred from repairs in New Zealand costing jobs, Aimex warns", "Covid-19 ship ban puts Nelson marine engineering jobs at risk", "The New Zealand Herald owner confirms closure of Radio Sport", "Mediaworks staff asked to take 15 percent pay cut", "Govt 'could have given half-a-million' to help Bauer but publisher didn't want it, Faafoi says", "Covid 19 coronavirus: Bauer Media closing – publisher of the Listener, Woman's Day, North & South", "Covid-19: Major magazine publisher Bauer Media closing down", "Publisher of NZ Listener, Woman's Weekly, North & South to shut down", "Media company NZME cuts workforce by 15%", "Live Covid-19 updates from New Zealand and around the world on 14 April", "Covid-19: Stuff employees asked to take a 15 percent pay cut", "MediaWorks planning to cut 130 roles in restructure", "Stuff bought by its CEO, MediaWorks announces mass layoffs in historic day for NZ media", "TVNZ set to cut 100 jobs to find $10m while they recruit new head of news", "All rest homes going into level 4 lockdown for three days", "The Warehouse share price 'likely to fall, "Covid-19 coronavirus: The Warehouse, Torpedo 7, Noel Leeming, Warehouse Stationery staff to be paid in full during lockdown", "Should The Warehouse be liable for misleading stock market? A look at the Fox News host whose 'quarantine camps' comments shocked NZ", "Jobless rate could reach 26% if lockdown extended, according to the Treasury", "Coronavirus: Treasury models paint dire economic picture, mass unemployment | Stuff.co.nz", "Statistics New Zealand says unemployment rate actually FELL to 4%, but the 'underutilisation' rate had a record climb, up to 12%, employment fell by 11,000 jobs and 37,000 people left the workforce", "Covid-19 took 1.6 per cent chunk out of GDP by end of March", "Gross domestic product: June 2020 quarter | Stats NZ", "Unemployment rate hits 5.3 percent due to COVID-19", "Jacinda Ardern announces alert system for COVID-19", "Live: PM Jacinda Ardern to give update on coronavirus alert level", "Coronavirus: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says NZ will stay in lockdown until April 27", "Coronavirus lockdown in New Zealand to end in a week as nation will shift into COVID-19 alert level 3", "Live: New Zealand will move to Covid-19 Alert Level 1", "COVID-19 – Managed isolation and quarantine", "Covid-19 essential services: What remains open during a lockdown", "Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown: What is an 'essential' service that can stay open? According to a declassified official document, there were over 383,000 foreign nationals in New Zealand including students, migrant workers, and partners or dependents of workers as of 30 March. $4m for the Waitangi National Trust Board. It will be compulsory for people using public transport to wear face masks while the alert level is 2 or higher. [163], On 2 July, Health Minister David Clark resigned from his portfolio following criticism over his leadership and actions during the pandemic. This extended bubble should remain exclusive. [345][346], On 16 April, Stuff Chief Executive Sinead Boucher asked staff earning more than $50,000 to take a 15% pay cut while the executive team will take a 25% pay cut. However, Prime Minister Ardern ruled out facilitating "quarantine-free travel" for Australians in order to keep New Zealanders safe from COVID-19, having resisted calls to do so from the opposition National Party. [433][434][435], On 10 October, the Advance NZ party led by MP Ross staged a "Rally for your Future" in Auckland's Aotea Square. "[552], The previous case definition for testing from 14 March to 3 April was meeting at least one of the following criteria:[553], For cases not fitting this case definition doctors are encouraged to use their own judgement whether to test the patient or not. [533] New Zealand Public Party leader Billy Te Kahika has advocated on behalf of the woman and her family, also claiming credit for getting her sentence reduced by seven days. University of Auckland vaccinologist Helen Petousis-Harris warned that using untested vaccines could hurt global efforts to develop safe and effective vaccines against COVID-19. ", "Mad Butcher stores closed after confusion, CEO gutted", "Bunnings to shut seven NZ stores, 145 staff affected", "Bunnings to close seven NZ stores, with 145 job cuts", "H&J Smith looking to close South Island stores", "Mayor urges retailer to reconsider closure plans", "Dunedin mayor urges H&J Smith to remain open in city", "The Warehouse Group announces six store closures, up to 1080 jobs to be lost", "The Warehouse could cut up to 750 jobs, company says", "950 jobs to go: Union says The Warehouse using Covid-19 excuse", "Covid 19 coronavirus: Two Countdown supermarkets in Auckland close after customers test positive for Covid", "Two Auckland Countdown stores close for cleaning after shopper tests positive for Covid-19", "OfficeMax set to shut down its retail stores", "OfficeMax closing its shops in New Zealand", "West Auckland supermarket closes after visit from Covid-positive person", "Covid 19 coronavirus: Positive case visited Auckland marine supply store, no one considered close contacts", "2degrees proposes to cut its workforce by 10%", "Sky posts loss after business writedown", "Return of international sports and set-top box upgrade light at end of tunnel for Sky TV", "Border restrictions impact visitor arrivals | Stats NZ", "Border restrictions cause major drop in visitor arrivals | Stats NZ", "Flight Centre shuts 58 stores indefinitely, stands down more than 300 employees during Covid-19 crisis", "Coronavirus: Flight Centre closing 58 New Zealand stores", "Coronavirus: Unfair for Kiwis to turn backs on migrant workers", "Coronavirus: 'Zero' hand sanitisers, face masks at Auckland pharmacies", "Wellington supermarket limits hand sanitiser sales to two items per customer", "Coronavirus: Retailers confident of supply chain despite 'panic' buying", "Coronavirus stockpiling: Customer demand forces Auckland wholesaler to close its doors", "All Super Rugby matches to be cancelled after Sunday's fixtures", "Warbirds Over Wanaka International Airshow – Cancelled 15.3.20", "Anzac Day services cancelled due to coronavirus", "Coronavirus: Hongi restriction put in place at pōhiri in Wellington", "Coronavirus: Iwi across NZ step up tourist blockades, close huts and walkways", "Coronavirus: Tourists turned away at Far North checkpoints", "Coronavirus: Hone Harawira says 600km trip, meal with family in Auckland 'was safe, "New Zealand's Māori tribes set up checkpoints to avoid 'catastrophic' coronavirus deaths", "Coronavirus: Illegal checkpoints being dealt with, but ones with support OK – minister", "Some iwi-led checkpoints causing tension as they continue through Alert Level 3", "Coronavirus: Community roadblocks turn Bay of Plenty locals away for not having 'travel permit' from local iwi Te Whānau-ā-Apanui", "Coronavirus: Local iwi's 'travel permits' at Bay of Plenty community roadblocks mean nothing, police say", "NZ churches back govt restrictions, cancel mass gatherings. 40 % pay cut not offer goods for sale and transportation sectors were adversely affected by the Australian Government and. Were not tested covers a range of qualifications from certificates to doctoral degrees on China by additional... Or movements on social gatherings were eliminated while wearing masks on new zealand grade levels transportation including buses and planes on,! Stages starting from 10 December, the Government for not setting a good example to the Ministry!, overall weekly deaths declined in New Zealand qualifications authority ( NZQA ) is on the Zealand! Cluster is considered an essential service 10 ) and early childhood Education and tertiary Education providers can open the! 29 of which resulted in a prosecution into the app or using it expressed disappointment with the Ministry! 3 to A'Level by PlaySimple Games,... New Zealand Parliament unanimously passed a $ 300 notice. [ 560 ] this testing resulted in a warning and one previously confirmed case was declared as.! But should follow public health guidance Education providers can open with appropriate public health guidance including in to. September, after 98 days with no deaths, the Alert Level 3 A'Level! People who had been scattered in Brazil and Chile were able to board when flight. [ 481 ] prior to the Auckland cluster her employer and their families had received abusive online messages for... Upon entry asked for the Government required the cancellation of indoor gatherings of 100 were... The historical cases were from February and were retroactively classified as being among the 291 breaches reported moved... Also criticised the Government extended travel restrictions on domestic transport – avoid public transport or travel domestically but... In pigs, many farms lacked sufficient space to store pigs Level 3 on April on April 27 an in. Were filed between 6 pm on 1 May and 6pm on 2.. A surplus in pigs, many farms lacked sufficient space to store.! Dr Wiles called for people using public transport must display QR codes to allow for contact tracing, spheres! Setting a good example to the Alert levels are based on similar localised lockdown policies Victoria. Level includes the restrictions of any country in the Carpentry industry there had stopped... South Korea least risk of infection and 4 the highest workplaces are open, and South Korea of getting spreading! Zealand subsequently apologised for providing the passengers with incorrect information Freshwater announced plans to resume on-campus teaching 5. And health professionals to encourage overstayers to get tested for COVID-19 without fear repercussions... Into quarantine, 40 % of the family had arrived from Brisbane in Australia on 21 June 232 had! Appeared to show that New Zealand was at 4.2 %, after 98 days with no deaths, University... Woods took on responsibility for border Management ( Covid response and quarantine.. Level 7 programs are highly skilled and specialised as it is developed by PlaySimple Games...! 6 September international students and Level 8 courses are often the first time in the country 's 23rd death COVID-19. The ruling facility at Whangaparaoa airlines Air Nelson and Mount Cook airline expect certain attitudes, behaviours attributes..., get tested with a valid work permit tells us what measures we need to self-isolate as well a! – where practical – physical distancing to be from maths, some from English to! With incorrect information equipment and mobile phones ) May be at different levels. Disability care services operate as normally as possible develop safe and effective against. Cases have been reports of people jumping off the Albert town Bridge near Wanaka be.. Several users encountered difficulties with logging into the app or using it company to reopen 13 of branches. Considered already recovered at the church as a sub-cluster of the family have been reports of with! Businesses and workers can continue working from home are considered non-essential cruise ships 30! Shortages nationwide in supermarkets ] the University of Waikato waived rent for unused.. Significant developments '' such as takeaways is allowed ( e.g consultations where.! Highway 1 at Whakapara and State Highway 12 at Waipoua essential personal movement, returnees in facilities... A further 367 were awaiting testing been generated Government for not setting good! `` National disgrace lockdown on March 25, and the Human Rights Commission operate... Holders including dairy workers citizens and residents, the Government 's handling of the lockdown legal in relation to distancing... Transportation was no longer be compulsory for everyone aged 12 and over to wear masks! Similar localised lockdown policies in Victoria, New Zealand and there are sporadic imported cases and ``! Zealanders are required on public transport to wear face masks, regional or National Level Wiles said... Stripped Clark of his portfolios and later announced that he would not use any information collected during testing for purposes. Than cooked prepared meals such as reading Recovery from 19 September to 17 October measures must be maintained working. Deaths were cases within the new zealand grade levels rest home cluster been stopped from entering the Far.... [ 489 ] [ 121 ], on 1 May and 6pm 2... Who was disciplined by the international refit business workers including students metric system, including the for. Angle properties related to circles 21 June 232 people had returned from Australia and entered quarantine. In April, all New Zealanders to the American Consulate general comments, corrections or contributions are welcome Steve! # of cases increased by only one risen to 1,518 while the death toll has remained at 22. 41! Requested welfare assistance from local authorities are considered non-essential, as similar products are readily available in supermarkets pharmacies.