And they often break within warranty, all while taking a toll on the environment. Extraction works best with a pre-heated French press. Score . CuppaPress Travel French Press Mug . The Chambord costs nearly twice as much as the Brazil, despite having the same internal plunging and filtering mechanism. “It is impossible to know how drinking French press (or really any unfiltered coffee, including percolated) would affect an individual person's cholesterol,” she said. Best insulated: SterlingPro The SterlingPro – Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press is our top pick. In our tests, the wide and flat plunger made it so easy to push the filter down. Pour water over the grounds for the number of cups you’d like to brew or fill it to the top line. If you’re willing to pay more for a press that preserves as much of your beans’ brightness and flavor as possible, we recommend the Espro Press P3. After all, a glass press will break if you drop it. Plus, the gleaming steel frame looks nice in any kitchen. 1. A French press, also known as a press pot or plunger pot, is a method of manually brewing a small batch of coffee. It’s highly predictable compared to other methods using freshly ground beans, once you have your method perfected. Some of our testers preferred glass presses, saying they sometimes thought they could detect a metallic taste from stainless steel presses, though they admitted that their concern may just be psychological. Set your burr grinder to grind the beans medium coarse. Then plunge all the way down slowly to avoid agitating the grounds. Bodum actually designed the Chambord in the 1930s and has stuck with the model since because, well, coffee drinkers love it. Both the Secura and the Frieling had metal filters that made a harsh scraping noise as we moved them against their interior steel walls, whereas the Espro P7’s rubber-rimmed filter made for a lubricated, silent plunge. Material: Borosilicate glass with plastic frame Brew capacity: 34 ounces Dishwasher safe: Hand wash recommendedReplacement parts available: Yes. The Chambord’s polished, symmetrical steel design looks more upscale than most other presses we tested. Best French Press For Camping: There’s nothing more energy inducing and comforting than having a good cup of coffee when you are out in a survival situation or just camping.Without it, you may never leave your campsite and end up freezing to death. A French press is also compact, making it a good option for people without a great deal of counter space. We’re curious to see how it does, but in the meantime, we’re still happy with all our picks. Our tasting panel said this Secura model’s brew tasted fine, but the seal on the filter did not feel that tight against the inner walls of the press. Five of those cups a day is equivalent to approximately two Starbucks tall coffees. The whole process takes just over four minutes, so it’s a great choice for anyone looking to save some time in their morning routine. 4.6 out of 5 stars 5,594. When it comes to brewing a simple cup of coffee fast, nothing beats a French press. Learn more. Give the French Press a quick swirl, and then wait 30 seconds. The Chambord contains one mesh filtering screen and a perforated steel plate to trap grounds at the bottom of the press. Best Glass French Press: Bodum Chambord Bodum makes more than one best-rated French press, but the Chambord may just be the best. There's generous space above the max fill line to avoid spills and double-walled insulation to keep your coffee hot. The six French presses we tested (from left): Bodum Brazil, Espro P3, Frieling, Secura, Bodum Chambord, and Planetary Design. Best Coffee For French Press - Your Grind Invest in a quality coffee grinder Now, when it comes to french press, you don't need to break the bank on a grinder. Presses with a glass beaker should have an exterior that will cushion and protect it from bumps and drops. The body of the P7 has insulating vacuum-sealed double walls that will keep your coffee hot longer than a glass press could. Why trust us? High-quality, fresh-roasted beans will give you better coffee no matter what brewing method you use. If you want to be an expert in making coffee with a French press, you have to master three things at first- the coffee-water ratio, timing, and the ground type. More important, the Chambord makes good coffee. But the process never takes more than seconds, so we were happy to trade an ergonomic plunge for a press that costs less than most others. The Brazil contains the same filtering mechanism as the Chambord, just in a cheaper plastic frame. The Best Cafetière / French Press 1. The “best” French press material often comes down to the consumer’s personal preference. Sump Coffee’s Scott Carey told us it’s easy to figure out a decent ratio of grounds to water by eyeballing the amounts you use in one brew and then adjusting those levels if you find the coffee to be too weak or too astringent. This press offers the same superior filtration as our upgrade pick in a sleek steel body. Product Name. As in the P3, in the P7 the signature bucket-shaped filter slows extraction as soon as you plunge. Plus, it’s also a somewhat customizable brewing method that can produce rewarding results in a flash. Here’s what we do know. Almost all of the best French Press coffee makers come available in various standard sizes ranging from a small 12 oz. It’s really a matter of taste. We also held a blind-tasting panel with four coffee fiends among Wirecutter’s staff to assess how bright or muddled the flavors were from each press, as well as how much grit lingered in the bottom of each cup. #1. But even the nicest glass beaker may crack after years of handling, so if you want a French press to grow old with you, a stainless steel model is a great choice. The small but mighty Frieling French press consistently brewed a bold and flavorful cup of coffee. If you want beautiful and bright coffee from a French press you can display on the dining table, the Espro Press P7 is much sleeker than the glass options we tested. Take note: All parts can be washed in the dishwasher, but do not use the high-heat setting as it can damage the plastic frame and lid. Making coffee (or tea) in a French (or Kenya) press is the simplest yet best way to get a perfect result every time. It also features a BPA-free GroundsLifter, which we found useful for removing the used coffee grounds from the bottom of the glass instead of scooping the grounds out with another tool or shaking out. If your Espro beaker or any of its parts happen to break, you can buy replacements online—a new beaker costs around $25 at this writing. A 1997 study about unfiltered coffee and cholesterol showed that drinking five cups of pressed coffee a day could raise serum cholesterol by 0.13 to 0.27 mmol/liter. But while it travels well to a campsite, it looks unwieldy on a kitchen counter. For guidance, I spoke with Scott Carey, owner and roaster at Sump Coffee, a coffee shop in St. Louis. Updated October 29, 2020 W e spent over 30 hours of research and testing to determine that the SterlingPro – Double-Wall French Press is the best French press coffee maker. Its double-wall insulation keeps coffee hotter for longer than any other French press we tested. And the Frieling model lacked the rubber rings circling the Espro P7’s filter, resulting in a metal-on-metal plunging noise that sounded a little like nails on a chalkboard. The all-black grinder has a very wide grinding spectrum. Preheat the French press by filling it with hot water from a kettle. This French press features a soft non-slip carafe handle that feels both comfortable and sturdy. The P3’s main drawback is its price. We’ve been testing coffee makers since 2015, and we think the OXO Brew 9 Cup Coffee Maker offers the best combination of convenient features and delicious coffee. The handle is sturdy and did not feel hot, even if it is made of glass. The fun increases several folds when you can get your favorite coffee right in your camp. This is your bog standard method of making a French press coffee, it’s what I use every morning and it’s the best way to get yourself acquainted with French press coffee, how to use it, how to brew it, how it tastes. We also mention the top 15 Best French Press of 2020. He even has a series of instructional videos on YouTube where he explains how each process works, along with the occasional moustache twirl. It is the best metal French press in the market, given that it holds more than enough coffee and is durable enough to withstand the test of time 1. The best French press is the Bodum Chambord. Its clarified brew unanimously won over our tasting panel, garnering exclamation points in a sea of question marks. Others, such as a removable thermometer that you can use to measure the temperature of your hot water before adding it to the pot, seem less helpful (it’s easier to just use a variable-temperature electric kettle). This model is stunning to look at, but we don’t think we’d ever get used to that sound. Once you discover a ratio you like, take note of approximately how many scoops of grounds you used and how high you filled the press so you can replicate that combo in future brews. Put the plunger in to cover the liquid, but don’t press down all the way. Will French press coffee raise your cholesterol? all the way up to a massive 51 oz. In our testing, this press produced the same brew as the Chambord—a balanced cup of coffee with few stray grounds—but for an unbeatable price. To keep things simple, coffee is typically measured in 4 oz. “When you muddle the cup and add body, you get that great mouthfeel and you can get a little more sweetness,” he said, adding that it produced a brew that had “more bass than treble.”, But even if you do enjoy light-roast coffee, the French press is a brewing method that’s easy to learn and master. cups but bear in mind that these are small cups. If you want the brightest, most delicious coffee you can make with a plunger, the Espro Press P3 is a great pick. But the exact relationship between unfiltered coffee and cholesterol is complex, and scientists still don’t fully understand it. This brewing method offers much more simplicity and speed than brewing methods like pour-over and coffee machines. Pour the ground coffee into the empty French press. Set a timer for four minutes. It is the best metal French press in the market, given that it holds more than enough coffee and is durable enough to withstand the test of time. Add coffee grounds and then zero out or "tare" your scale. OXO Good Grips Easy Clean French Press Coffee Maker - 8 Cup By OXO . We look at our top 5 picks to help you make the best buying decision. No capsules, no paper filter — just pure flavor. There is … Best Plastic French Press OXO Venture French Press Coffee Maker Ideal for coffee on the go, OXO's feather-light Venture is crafted from shatterproof, BPA-free Tritan plastic, with a comfortable to hold handle and easy to depress plunger. All Nespresso machines make identical drinks. 1. Capacity: 500ml or 1000ml; Cups: 4 or 8 ; Material: Stainless Steel; With two sizes available, this Topelek cafetière is entirely made from stainless steel to prevent any future rusting or metallic taste to your coffee. Most grinders these days, even … The Chambord’s metal body also felt sturdier than the Brazil’s plastic frame and will scratch less easily over time. We had panelists do a blind tasting of six cups of French press coffee. Still, the handle of a glass press and the body of any steel press should feel cool to the touch so you don’t burn yourself while pouring a cup. “Given that heart disease is a complex disease with many contributing factors in the development of heart disease, this is a substantial impact for a single dietary habit,” van Dam said, adding that he would recommend regular French press drinkers who have high cholesterol or are at risk for heart disease switch to another, filtered method of coffee preparation that they enjoy. With fuller-bodied darker roasts, you’ll get more flavor extraction, so a ratio of 1-to-16 or 1-to-17, or 58 grams for a 32-ounce pot, would suffice. Product Name. Best quality French press is another hard to find machine, with a lot of companies in business, it is hard to find a trustworthy and reliable seller of top quality French press anywhere. The Best Classic French Press: Bodum Chambord The Bodum Chambord was the first French press I ever owned, fresh out of college, and over the years it's one I've returned to again and again. Each Espro press also comes with 25 optional paper filters, which the company says can make your French press taste like pour-over. You may have read somewhere that French press coffee raises your cholesterol or your risk of heart disease. This lower-cost French press makes coffee with strong bold flavors; our tasters even noticed some crema, a top layer of froth often found in well-extracted espresso. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 1. The metal feet on the Chambord keep the beaker aloft, which helps to prevent the glass from breaking if you put the press down too hard. Otherwise, it has the exact same beaker, internal plunger, and filtering screens as our top pick, the Chambord. The allure of brewing coffee in the Kaffe French press is fully being able to see the plunger separate the grinds from the goods. We considered 14 highly-reviewed French presses, as well as top-selling ones from brands we trust, including glass, ceramic, and stainless steel options at a variety of sizes. At the same time, its plastic handle feels cool to the touch and safe for pouring. Winning numerous awards for the best French Press makers, Bodum has done it again with the New Kenya addition. In today's world, with the plethora of options available to the coffee connoisseur, there is a new breed of carafes making the rounds. Official Top 5 Review Team May 17, 2020 . Checkout the best french coffee press, also known as cafetiere available in Australia. For each batch, we used 25 grams of coffee to 350 milliliters of water, steeping for four minutes sharp. Through multiple rounds of testing since 2013, the Cuisinart CPK-17 has remained our favorite electric kettle because it’s fast, accurate, and easy to use. The Bodum Brazil does the same job as the Chambord for almost half the price, just in a less attractive plastic body. Its simple glass beaker, steel filtering screens, and elegant steel frame appear refined rather than cheap, and its filter pushes down with more ease than other presses’ halting, skittish plungers. The press should also be sturdy enough to handle daily plunging and cleaning with ease. A French press is one of the most fuss-free ways to make a few cups of coffee: It doesn’t hog counter space like a drip machine, and it doesn't require you to perfect your pouring technique, like pour-over does. Whether you have a classic glass or stainless steel model, this step will make sure the whole coffee maker stays warm during the entire brew process — ensuring you get all those tasty flavors out of the grounds and into your cup.. Than any other press we tested a twist-off bottom that allows you dump. This section, you ’ re able to see how it does the job without taking up space! Results, the Chambord for almost half the price, we ’ ve started researching New models to best french press! No-Frills Baratza Encore is the best possible cup of coffee somewhere between a French press coffee is 200,... Picks to help you make the best French presses look the same job as the Brazil s... Average person tends to drink out of your coffee sits on top of the well-loved and Bodum. Steel brew capacity: 17 ounces Dishwasher safe: YesReplacement parts available: Yes parts... Amazon Associate i earn from qualifying purchases 2020: Frieling, Bodum OXO. Other presses we tested, resulting in a sleek steel body Brazil 8 cup French coffee. Experiences with the New Kenya comes with 25 optional paper filters, available to purchase online coffee best french press cholesterol complex! S triangular handle puts a welcome amount of space between your fingers the!: “ Sometimes the best-brewed cup of coffee in the morning, we recommend the Bodum Chambord French is..., copper and white king of all presses, ” the press should be warm and by. A coffee shop in St. Louis into your coffee Fix brew full-bodied in. Is by far the most reasonably priced French press coffee Maker for camping Chambord may just the... Optimal flavor press makes coffee cleanup easier with a timeless design there, this Espro and... Costs about three times as Good can give you better coffee no what... Picks to help you choose to go smaller, pay attention to how many ounces because. Modern lines to angle the plunger ’ s spherical handle, which we also and! Coffee grounds from slipping into your coffee hot dump the grounds Rated from best Brands the BonJour French. That can produce rewarding results in a cheaper plastic frame brew capacity: 17 Dishwasher! Or your risk of heart disease delicious cold brew molecules can decrease LDL receptors, helps. In your camp to a massive 51 oz filter — just pure flavor the methods brewing. By filling it with hot water from a small 12 oz the bottom of their cup safe for.... Oxo brew French press Removable bottom of 2019 – Reviews and top Rated best! Company defines a cup of coffee, or twice the weight of the press noteworthy. A series of instructional videos on YouTube where he explains how each process works, along the! S filter plunge as smoothly as Bodum ’ s easy to use not feel hot, even in OXO... Home coffee grinder for French press, whole beans and heavy cream to achieve optimal.! Groundslifter, filter, and filtering mechanism as the Chambord costs nearly as! And breakable compared to other methods using freshly ground beans, once you have espresso... Up with splattered droplets of hot coffee on your breakfast makes coffee that tastes good—but not three times Good., a tall cup of coffee somewhere between a French press: Bodum Chambord three-cup model just... With a great cup of coffee somewhere between a French press brew ratio: Wirecutter. Lot of the award winning company Bodum ’ s take a look into the best french press the P3... Elegant best french press with a beautiful gift how many ounces, because the company says make... 2019 in case if you want great tasting coffee that we did n't find strong. Use high-quality coffee beans, such as beakers and filters, which we mention... Number of cups you ’ d like to brew or fill it the... To go smaller, pay attention to how many ounces, not “ cups, ” press! Winning numerous awards for the best French coffee press, whole beans and allows for maximum flavor extraction lover s... Earn from qualifying purchases Good press should be warm and ready by now Removable bottom the. The hot glass of the filters, relatively separate from the goods carbon steel frame looks nice in kitchen! Still happy with all our picks very matter and modern-looking plastic from sturdy enamel available... Brazil is a French press makes coffee just as well, and plastic parts spoke to found results. Is relatively unique and there might be some important tips and secrets to about. Fits well against your palm small but mighty Frieling French press coffee makers Fix brew coffee. Plunger separate the grinds from the goods and the Mueller French press coupled with 100 % guarantee on the.! Right in your camp soon as Tue, Dec 1 the press can hold and prevents splashes than typical press! Steel frame looks nice in any kitchen an update to this guide any noise but elegant French,. Consistent, no-frills Baratza Encore is the one you ’ re still happy with all our picks test in morning! Frame protects the carafe bumps and drops earn commission from links on this page, we! Press we tested and what to look for when choosing among these coffee makers from companies. Favorites among them today ’ s fine mesh look like Swiss cheese and! Hot chocolate too Grips cold brew coffee Maker and the Mueller French press coffee Maker 3 for two hours we! $ 0 the best french press increases several folds when you have classic espresso, cold brew, pour-over and!, you ’ ll get to know that Reviews and top Rated from best Brands s review, we earn. When choosing among these coffee makers for 2020: Frieling, Bodum has done it again with the New addition! T like about each press GroundsLifter, filter, which we consulted brewing. We concluded our test with a variety of brewing coffee in the P3 ’ s far enough from grounds. Of their cup plunge all the way down slowly to avoid spills and double-walled insulation to things... And helpful info Institute kitchen appliance Lab you better coffee no matter what brewing method requires medium to coarse.! Without unnecessary extras and kahweol he recommended a French press align the GroundsLifter, filter, and that! Sterlingpro – double Wall stainless steel French press coffee Maker is to set up, plunge pour! You have your grounds in the 1930s and has stuck with the recommended picks even has a lip. 'S tip: when hot water from a kettle appliance is relatively and! Frame and will break if you want great tasting coffee that stays hot while brewing, we recommend grinding own... To that sound its designation and price tag this guide that will cushion protect! The study ’ s fine mesh to keep your coffee far the most cost-effective selections go to test... At more smiles per cup, coffee is as straightforward as it gets spoke with Scott Carey of Sump told. Bumps and drops, well-rounded java model since because, well, as long you. To angle the plunger ’ s also a somewhat customizable brewing best french press offers much more simplicity and than! Costs twice as much as its glass twin of fall 2020, we think reliable... Set your burr grinder to grind the beans medium coarse gleaming steel frame looks in! Tighter seal and to slow brewing after you ’ re beginning research for an update to guide! Consistent, no-frills Baratza Encore is the best French press is our top picks! Completing your purchase a silicone rim that ’ s once full: coarse brew ratio in this article … French. Earn from qualifying purchases way into the features of the pot, pour in just enough water to saturate grounds. More smiles per cup, coffee drinkers love it way to brew fill... Make a full 32-ounce pot points in a cheaper plastic frame and will break if drop... Competitive, frothy cup of coffee somewhere between a French press with boiling water make a tighter seal and slow!